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Here we go okay, so we're gonna start with the first step with cleaning the skin, all right this is the accelerating wash what we're gonna do is just clean the skin off in all the areas that we're gonna bleach so if you're gonna bleach higher up you're gonna pull it up a little bit higher if you're gonna bleach down you're gonna go down a little bit lower.

"Feels fun it's like an emo scene."

All right we're just making it look pretty firm tabs there we go now just like with the facial cleanser you're gonna wipe it off, okay now what we're gonna do is damp from the area of this take it you're just going to pat it dry it will be a little bit damp now we're going to take the bleach now as i explained before it's not gonna stink it's gonna feel just like lotion how does.

It feel fine not bad right "yes" just listens as well just wet and what we're going to do is we're gonna carry it all the way up to what we're trying to bleach, if we're gonna go down we're gonna bring it down now with this you need to rub it all the way into the skin is if you're rubbing the skin roggin okay, pain-free no stinging.

Now the last step as i was saying before if the skin is hot it's going to try and revert the color back with the soothing lotion, it's gonna keep it nice and cool so as you're walking around or doing your daily activities your skin's not gonna get hot and try and push it back up to the surface and this you're going to rub all the way into the skin. Just like you did with the bleach there's no set time so you don't you let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it off you just let it sit the whole day it will work it's magic nice clean bo going to be beautiful.

Source: Wax Hair Removal Bar