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All right let's get this Brazilian started here, you can see I'm just pre cleaning the area we need the skin to be nice and clean and oil and lotion free, so the sugar can stick like it needs to.

And then I like to add baby powder because that helps soak up any extra moisture and it helps our sugaring process go by much much faster.

All right, so now it's time to grab my ball of sugar that I'll be using for the service, I'm pretty sure in a second I'll bring the jar to the camera and pull it out so you can see it. So yeah my sugar is used here it is. So my sugar is used at room temperature, it is not hot at all, it warms up to your body temperature so it's amazing for the Brazillian.

So you're not super sensitive and raw from like over exfoliation, from heat and so whenever I start my sugaring I like to start at the bottom where it's really really warm and get that done first.

I lay the sugar against the hair growth and then when it's time to remove I remove it, in the direction of the hairs growth, that way it's more effective at getting the whole hair out and the root. And you have a highly highly, less likely chance of it breaking, so now I remove that part and as you can see she's clean, right there she is all clean, all the hair was up and so what I like to do is usually I start actually on the labia but with the way that she was shaped and with her hair it was just going to be easier to clean up the sides on the top.

And then get a new ball for the labia so it was fresh sugar so if you come in to get a Brazilian there's a good chance that I'm actually gonna start at the bikini line and then go straight into the labia, in this instance I do the bikini line the top and then the labia so right here I'm basically tweezing with the sugar.

It's really really versatile and I can get tiny patches or big patches when I use the sugar for Brazilians, it's very customizable, I love it.

And there you go, she's all clean on that side, so now I'm switching to the other side, I usually will walk around the table to do this, but I was trying to avoid hitting my camera but you'll see shortly that I just go to the other side because it's much easier to do. I'm trying to show you the roots here but now that I'm looking back at the footage you really can't see the roots so I'll do a second video just showing the pulling and just up close, how effective it is at getting the root and the follicle.

The jelly outside of the hair all right so let's start working on the top now and you can see like there's a little bit of pink where she's been sugared. But it's really nothing major at all a lot of the times, heat causes a lot of redness in the skin so when your sugaring you're less irritated because you don't have that heat over stimulating the skin on top of all of the hair removal.

This is so satisfying yes BAM mm-hmm once I move my hand whoa whoo look at that, oh it looks so good I love my job. You may think I'm crazy saying this while I'm watching this but I really love my job I think it's so cool and it's so much fun.

Now with this part coming up this is a good example of sometimes I need to switch up my technique, so as you can see I just pulled the sugar and it did not remove off of her skin so I'm going to try one more time. Here as you can see I try to remove it in the natural growth direction but the hair is just too dense and as I go the opposite direction you can see it came up beautifully so sometimes I do have to tweak the spot. In most cases it gets removed in the natural direction but especially on that pubic area where the hair can be really deep-rooted, sometimes I just have to switch it up a little bit.

So here you can see, I move to the other side of the bed so I can actually get this done effectively. I'm trying to keep my arm out of the way but we're just doing our best here and as you can see so far I have used the same ball for this whole process. It is so much less waste than traditional waxing. This is looking a little blurry, I really hope that the rest of my video isn't super blurry, hopefully I get it back into its focus adding a little powder just to soak up any sweat, it actually got really hot and humid while we were doing this. I rent in a salon, well it's a place for salons and I am surrounded by hairdressers so it gets hot and humid in my room really fast, especially when all the girls are using their blow dryers. But as you can see we are seven minutes in and she's basically almost done. I'm cleaning up the top I'm pretty sure in like just a half second I am going to disappear for a second because.

I have to change out my gloves and get a new ball of sugar because I want it fresh for the labia, all right so here I go. I've disappeared and I am changing my gloves and I'm grabbing a new ball of sugar but you can see it looks beautiful, the hair is gone and there's barely any irritation at all. Like honestly, looking at this, it's just beautiful, I love it, have to powder my hand because it was sweaty trying to get my second glove back on, the air just kicked on in my room, I hope it really doesn't affect the audio of this voiceover.

Alright, so here we go I've got a brand-new fresh ball and we're gonna do the lady now, I did want to add, I didn't add this in earlier I kind of forgot but this guest right here is actually pregnant so she's about three months, three months pregnant now and so I really was excited for her to be a model because, unfortunately I didn't get her belly in the video.

There we go, labia is all clean but I did want to show that, it is good for sensitive people, even pregnancy. Look at that, look at that, look at the difference from one side to the other, it's so clean and beautiful and just like, oh I love the result that sugaring gives. There we go, and you can't see them on the camera but what I was doing was just tweezing one or two random hairs. I'm a big perfectionist so if you come get a Brazilian from me, I am I'm going to do my damndest at getting all of the hair. So on this side I did a little bit different of a technique, I broke it up into a little bit of smaller sections because last time it got stuck and I didn't want it to get stuck on her here so I made it a little bit of a smaller section and then, now there's less hair to work with and I can do my bigger strip.

10800 girl looking good, alright time for the good stuff, that butt strip, I have you bring your knees up to the chest like a cannonball, it just spreads everything open so I can get to it much more effectively. Depending on your shape, some people I do have to have roll over onto their stomach but in most cases, just doing the cannonball gets it open enough for me to get all the hair that's around there.

All right, look at that mm-hmm, Oh clean and I'm telling you ladies you have never had your butt hair removed, you do not know what you are missing out on. It, it is so nice feeling clean back there all right I'm just dabbing up any leftover sugar, oh I had to get her bunny tail, can't forget that and the beauty is the sugar cleans up so easily. You know you'll see me dabbing and what I'm doing is picking up all the little sugar bits but honestly, I could like you, leave feeling so clean because water removes the sugar and I always wipe the area down and make sure that you're not sticky before I put on the calming cream.

So I'm having her butterflied down I'm going over looking, seeing where there's any sugary sticky parts. I added a little bit of powder because she had like one hair right there and as you could see, my sugar wouldn't stick because it was moist.

So then I'm just gonna grab the tweezers and grab the two little hairs that are left over, you really can't see them in the video, but in person they were just staring at me and I was like, there's no way in hell I can leave these two hairs just sitting here.

So I've disappeared for a second because I was fighting with a glove, I needed to put new gloves on so I could tweeze and put her calming cream on, and the first glove I put on just busted and broke everywhere, so I had to come back get powder and glove again, so you'll see me come back in like a half second so I can tweeze her and then finish off with the hail and hush hydrating mask. Oh there I am so I'm just tweezing super-quick, boom-boom-boom and voila, it is done.

As you can see, I did not speed up this process so I mean all in all it took a good 15 minutes to do her whole Brazilian from start to finish. So you are not in here for very long at all. All right, got that calming cream on and then a big thumbs up from me and then we are done, okay, all right guys thanks for watching.

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