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All sex is enhanced by extra lubrication but, if you're indulging in a spot of anal play lube becomes absolutely essential as your anus isn't self lubricating.

Using a specific anal lube will ensure you have the most pleasurable experience possible and should definitely be in your toy box, if you're planning on using anal toys or having anal sex.

Anal lube is specially formulated to be thicker than normal lube to give you the extra bit of cushioning, because it's thicker it'll also last longer so you won't have to reapply as often as if you were using your normal lube.

For anal play most anal lubes like this one are water-based so they're safe to use with condoms and it's compatible with all your anal sex toys even the silicone ones.

Anal lube is really easy to use just pop them onto your toy or your partner as well as yourself before you begin take it slowly and top-up as required.

Source: Love Honey