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If I use my hand to demonstrate the butthole, this is the actual hole that around it under the butt skin are two rings of muscles that tighten and loosen, the one on the inside with the purple is called the internal sphincter the one on the outside blue is the external sphincter.

The sphincter plays a huge part in what goes in and what comes out the butthole including feces diarrhea anal toys like beads and plugs, penises, dildos, fingers, hands and enema nozzles. The internal sphincter is automatic like your heart pumping it just does the job of regulating the passageway regardless of whether or not you want it to. The external sphincter on the other hand can be controlled because it's connected to a different part of your nervous system, right now for example my brain is telling my external sphincter to tighten and now I'm voluntarily relaxing it.

Right, so how do we take care of this little rosebud

Step 1. Eat well, the digestive system starts at the mouth the esophagus down to your stomach, intestines, rectum and out the anus. So the healthier the things are that you put in your mouth the healthier and less stinky their exit will be out the anus.

Here's a list of foods for your mouth that are great for most anuses, wheat, bran, oat bran, brown rice, oatmeal, popcorn, whole greens, pasta, cereal and bread peas, bean, seeds and nuts citrus fruits and prunes. Unfriendly foods include dairy, bananas, frozen dinners, chocolate cookies, red meat, fried foods and chips.

Step 2. Clean it, you can buy the day attachments for your toilet that will give your butthole a post poop print or in the shower. Simply wash with mild soap and water, you definitely want to remove the clumps of poo and toilet paper that stick to hair around your arse called dingleberries, those are not hygienic! Baby wipes are another way to freshen up and for a deep clean, there's douching the rectum. Like the vagina has positive bacteria in it to keep it healthy so flushing out your guts takes the good with the bad, but some people find that squeezing a stream of water into their rectum with the bulb top, bottle or bag just before sexual activity, is a complete clean. Davey wavey has my favorite anal douching instructions here.

Step 3, kegels, if you're planning on putting things up your butt, it's quite possible that your sphincters and the muscles around them will loosen. This will make it more difficult to hold on to stool meaning you may fart and poop when you're not wanting to. To prevent this there's an exercise method called kegels that strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles, the muscles in your crotch. I made my own video on how to do them here

Step 4. Drink lots of water or water-based beverages like the food you put in your body, this should help keep your poop solid but smooth. Having really wet bowel movements or really big ones or really hard ones is challenging for your ass, you could get cuts or tearing on or in the anus called fissures, bleeding, pain, anal spasms, itchiness, inflammation and/or infection. If you do call a medical provider they'll talk you through what's going on and recommend if necessary that you schedule an appointment, you're going to have to let someone look into your brown eye now or later this is not embarrassing for them and it doesn't have to be for you, they may even put a gloved finger inside for a feel around to determine the severity of your problem and this isn't a big deal either. Think of it like you're going to the dentist, they're just looking at the other end of your mouth.

Step 6. Lube your butthole thin layer of coconut oil on the butthole has antifungal properties and moisturizes the anus so it doesn't chapped as easily if you're looming up for sexy times though a high quality water-based or silicone based lube is necessary to keep latex condoms intact, non latex materials like polyurethane and poly isoprene can be used with all the lubes. Good clean love is condom friendly, all-natural and has the healing power of aloe in it.

Step 7. Wear condoms, best practices for butthole maintenance include using condoms, gloves and dance for anal play the separation, reduces risk of herpes HPV, HIV etc which is 30% more likely to happen from anal sex than vaginal because the anus is one way more absorbent and too much more susceptible to microscopic tearing.

Lastly. Step 8. Take baths, baths are a great way to soothe your butthole and increase blood flow to your groin. I'd recommend 10 to 20 minutes every day if you can but even once a month is more than people usually give themselves. It doesn't have to be a full tub, just to sit in the bath works si TZ sits those are where the water covers the hips, so you're soaking the anus specifically. You can put a little baking soda and salt in with the warm water to provide relief from the irritations and lie there thinking about your next anal adventure. Pads are great for haemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhoea, vaginal infections including yeast and an overgrowth of lactobacillus, childbirth incontinence uterine cramps and any generalized crotch pain I'm not saying that scarier anal ails but they can ease them while you seek professional care penises are amazing but they're also really fragile.

It's important to care for your butthole even if you aren't regularly playing with it it's located really close to the genitals and I want that whole region to be a feel-good zone feel great if possible. For advanced ass care check out Joseph Kramer's two videos on anal massage and sexplanations two-part series, anal prep and anal sex very good. Many thanks to the patreon sexbots who made this episode possible it's nice to know so many of you want happy healthy holes dildos and chairs why share but do be do petite entertainment.

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