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Welcome to sex toys ahoy I'm Jess wild and today I'm going to be telling you all about anal douches, so first things first what is an anal douche?

So an anal douche is a small device and it is designed to introduce a stream of water into your body for cleansing. So in this instance we'd be using an anal douche to introduce water to our anus in order to cleanse it prior to anal play.

Now if you're thinking hmmm that sounds a lot like an enema you're not far wrong, the main differences between a douche and an anima are the amount of water that they hold and how deep inside of you they can clean. So whilst a douche is designed to hold around about 400 milliliters of water an enema can hold anything up to two litres.

Additionally a douche tends to have a nice short nozzle on it so it's designed for shallow cleansing whereas an enema usually has a much longer tube on it which you can access deeper areas of your body for a more thorough cleanse.

Now forgetting about enemas for now and coming back onto the simple household douche, the most common douche you'll see out there look a bit like this so generally it's a bulb which actually contains the water and it has a small slim nozzle for easy insertion.

Now, there is another type of douche out there and this comes in the form of a shower attachment and the idea is as it sounds you replace the head of your shower with the insertable attachment and this will allow you to introduce water is your anus. For cleansing the reason these tend to be a little bit more popular is because generally speaking they're a bit safer not only is using a bulb fed douche much easier to control the temperature of your water. But you can also control pressure and the amount of water that you use so basically you've got a lot more control with a little thing like this plus you don't have the hassle of untwisting your showerhead and replacing it with a special nozzle.

And then let's not forget replacing the showerhead again before somebody else goes to use your bathroom later, they might wonder why your shower looks like a penis because some of them look like penises!

The main basic features of a simple douche are a lot like this one now you can get them in different sizes, you'll sometimes get them with a very small bulb and others that are maybe a little bit bigger than this one, but I would say this is the average kind of a size a bulb fed douche will always have this flexible bulb at the bottom. This is where the water she sits and clearly as you depress the bulb that is when the waters expel out of the douche and into your body.

Douches will always have a firm nozzle as this will help with easy insertion, most douches do also have a detachable nozzle and this is simply to make cleaning nice and easy this has just had water in it so you just need to make sure you dry it out properly but there's just like any other sex toy, it needs a jolly good clean before you come to use the next time or put away for storage.

So why do people do SH now there are a few reasons clearly as I've said already, this is about cleansing, so some people like to make sure that they are squeaky clean down below before they explore anything anal. However for the vast majority of people dishing is more about confidence really it just supplies you with a peace of mind and then you don't need to be worried in the bedroom whether you're playing alone or with a partner that there may be some mess fear of making mess in the bedroom during anal play is one of the biggest barriers to exploring this area.

So introducing a douche to your sex life can just give you that little bit of confidence to give it a go now. A lot of people do ask me, well just do I have to use a douche and if I do do I have to do it every time, and the answer quite simply is no. If you don't want to ever douche you never need to as long as you've got enough fiber in your diet, the chances of you making a mess are so slim. If the you do she will give you that extra little bit of confidence before you share this experience with a partner. For example then why not go out and grab your cellphone I think we also need to address the fact that you are putting something in your bottom and do you know what sometimes mess happens and there's nothing you can really do about it. You put something in there, well I think you have to be mature enough to handle the fact that you might get an unwelcome friend on the way back out. Having said that though, it is so unlikely that something like that would happen honestly I'm just saying that really for anybody who's more nervous about their partner in this situation. I think some people are really concerned that they can handle their own bodily fluids but could their partner or guess what if your partner can't handle it they shouldn't be putting any part of their body inside of yours, just saying.,/p>

We are talking about anal douching here and I'd like to make it really clear that there is never ever ever a reason to douche vaginally. Now those of you who are on this side of the pond and watching this in the UK you probably know that it's not a very popular thing here in the UK. We didn't talk about vaginal douching it's not something that's very common with us ladies over here in America it is still pretty popular you can still buy vaginal douches in many pharmaceutical stores. But it is an absolute fact that your vagina is self-cleaning and dishing does nothing but mess up the pH balance the or vagina works so hard to maintain.

Douching should be done rally and it should be left to just your bum and nothing else, and speaking of too often, how often is too often? Well there are no hard firm rules in this area, however I can tell you that douching too often is not great for your body. Not only condition too often actually damage the delicate lining inside of your anus, but it can also strip your body of the friendly bacteria that it relies on for good digestion and good health as well as the protective mucus layer that you do have inside of your intestines.

So all I will tell you is don't douche before you do any anal play you certainly don't need to do it before every encounter, and listen to your body, if something's not feeling quite right, maybe you're doing it too often. I would say that most couples that I know is explore anal on a very regular basis tend to leave it to maybe once or twice a month and they'll only douche for extremely special occasions or when you know that anal play is gonna be a bit deeper or a bit more extreme.

That it usually might be for you now, what's the important bit how do you actually use an anal douche. Now you never want to do it immediately before anal play if you are going to do should do it between 30 and 60 minutes before you intend to embark on this adventure. The reason for this is because although I said that douching is designed to cleanse a shallow area of your body so in particular your rectum. If whilst douching you have got water a little bit further inside of you then you'd planned this water is going to take a bit longer to leave your body again, so giving yourself that 30 to 60 minutes to rest and fully expel that water before anal play is going to ensure that you don't have that leakage so to speak in the bedroom during your play.

Now, the next thing you need to do is grab your douche and you need to fill the bulb with water, I would say to where the neck begins to narrow and you want this water to be a comfortable tepid warm water so not too hot not too cold just right. It's always a good idea to test the temperature on a sensitive piece of skin you've got easier access to so my top tip would be on the inside of your arm your wrist or in elbow. As we know for my other anal videos, your anus does not self lubricate so you always need to use Lube when you insert anything, and that does include a thin nozzle. Like this and it's at this point that we are ready to insert our douche now you need to choose where you want to do this, lots of people like to sit above the toilet to do this, other people prefer to do it in the shower. Just be sure that you're somewhere comfortable that you can get an easy position to insert this into yourself and also you need to be somewhere where you can clearly expel the water once it's inside of you. So get yourself comfy and place the tip of your nozzle against the opening of your anus and then gently press on the base of the bulb and it should insert nice and easily. Now the nozzles that come on dishes do vary in length some of them are short like this, my thickness is about two and a half three inches. You'll sometimes get them ranging up to around about six inches. Now, you by no means have to insert the whole thing, I would actually recommend you just insert it just enough so that you can insert the water into yourself and none is spilling out immediately. That's as deep as you need to go, on most people that's about two two and a half inches inside of yourself so actually this is a spot-on nozzle, on this dish as with everything, if you do experience pain just stop immediately. You may be sort of pressing on something that doesn't want to be pressed against so as always listen to your body.

Now once you're comfortable that your nozzle is certain up to the point that you'd like it to be and you're ready to douche, this is the point that you want to start depressing the Bob a key thing to note is that you do not need to use all of the water and you certainly don't need to use all of the water in one go. I recommend pressing down the bulb for between five and ten seconds. If you're new to douching you'll probably want to do it for close to five seconds, you're quite experienced go for the sort of 10 seconds or so whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Now once you've done your 10 second or so squeeze all you got to do is wait basically you let yourself soak sounds a bit weird it's not like cleaning out a jar before putting in the recycling you just need to sit there and let nature do its thing. After a few moments it's now time to expel that water and expelling that water is as you might imagine that's a bit like going to the loo, it's just a case of bearing down and squeezing and you should find that that water leaves your body very easily. Chances are you'll need to repeat this process two or three times, the idea is a bit like when you dye your hair you want to keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Once it runs clear and you're happy that you are fully cleansed and clean inside then you just need to wait that 30 to 60 minutes before you go on to enjoy any sexy anal fun.

And there you have it, that is anal douching, it's wide on a douche and how you want to do if you want to do and if you liked the look of this douche, you can find it on the lot on your website if you'd like to take a look at the different types of douches that are available on the market, I will put a link in the description below that will take you to our douches category over the love honey website.

We've got loads of guides over there as well that'll help you get your head around this a little bit more and of course we've got lots of other shopping guides on our website as well as here on YouTube, so have a browse, check them out see what you think and of course if you have any questions about any of the things that we talk about here please do put them in the comments below. If you like this video please click on the thumbs up it just lets us know that we're doing everything as you like it if you really liked it why not subscribe to the love honey channel you can do that by clicking on the love any heart in the top of your screen right now that keeps you up to date with all of our regular sexpert vlogs do douche or do not do sh r us sometimes do sure and never do sure or almost always do sure I'd love to hear and get an idea of really how popular these little guys are that's it for me for this week thanks for tuning in and I will see you tomorrow hum Ponder's gone wild see you then bye.

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