CXKB Home Shower Cleaner,Safe Douche for Men Women Health Care Flush nozzle (Silver) Price: £4.69 (as of 24/03/2023 14:22 PST- Details)

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD: Selection of importe antibacterial material of oreen environmental protection, all people-oriented. Built-inall copper valve core, the service life is longer, the performance is extmely good, every aspect point environmental protection, according ti the international standard to carry on.
PERIODIC COLON CLEANSING may help to detoxify the body and promote regular bowel movement, making enemas a source of relief for individuals who are suffering from severe constipation. Enemas may also prevent the formation of painful polyps in the colon and rectum.
SIMPLE TO USE AND THE WATER PRESSURE IS ADJUSTABLE. The nozzle is inserted into the rectum, often with the aid of lubricant. The shower is turned on, and the pressure valve is adjusted until the water flow is at a comfortable level. As the water flows through the tubing, the colon is cleansed of any fecal matter and other residue. After the colon has been moderately filled, the individual then removes the nozzle and defecates into the toilet

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